EASTBOY Venus 軽量合皮バッグ 219008 14周年記念イベントが 値段が激安

[EASTBOY] Venus 軽量合皮バッグ 219008

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[EASTBOY] Venus 軽量合皮バッグ 219008


Lightweight double zipper school bag Lighter than regular synthetic leather bags (850 g), making it easy to use every day. The goddess embroidery is silver and the lining is printed with the brand name. The studs are also silver. The design of the handle is narrow and easy to fit on the shoulder. Double layer front zippered pocket, internal multi-functional pocket and water bottle pocket for ease of use. It can store A4 size, and has excellent storage capacity. The D-ring on the front has a hook for holding keychains. Built-in bottom plate that can be folded. The zipper pulls have the EASTBOY logo.


轻量双拉链校园包。 比一般的合成皮革包轻(850克),每天使用更方便。 女神刺绣是〈维纳斯〉的证明的银色,内衬印有品牌商标。 底部铆钉也是银色。 提手设计,纤细的形状,肩部贴合。 双层款式,正面带有拉链口袋,内侧有隔断的多功能口袋,附带塑料瓶口袋,使用方便。 可收纳A4尺寸的物品,收纳能力超群。 正面的D型环上带有可以挂钥匙扣的挂钩。 内置可折叠的底板。 拉链拉手带有EASTBOY的LOGO。



[EASTBOY] Venus 軽量合皮バッグ 219008

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